New Adventures


Regardless of your profession, we have all had the urge to explode due to the inhibiting and monotonous work week. This is why Emmysu ( and myself came to the agreement that we were in need of some personal creative outlet. 

Starting last friday, we viewed some of my previous work and discussed the success of double exposing film and how appropriate textures and portraits are together. After hours of researching agents for our boss man Emily stumbled upon similar imagery, but this imagery was in color and done digitally. Double/multiple exposures are nothing new to the photo world but it is something that many photographers haven't dabbled in. 

It is now are mission to create interesting portraits by intentionally double exposing with textures. We already know this is a fun processes and to be able to work together and combine our creative photography powers we should be bringing you guys good stuff soon!

Photo credit: Emily McDonald

Model Expertise: Myself :)

New City

It's been a month now. I find that St. Louis, aka The Lou, aka STL is becoming a place that I can settle into. There's something ridiculous and scary about moving away from your home state, your friends, your family... immediately after college, but theres also something exciting. This new job in STL working for Fedele Studio has been a huge catalyst to this new stage of my life. I have met some kick ass people, I have already travelled to places I have never been before, and I have eaten, quite possibly, the best food in my life in this city. 

I have to thank my dear friend, Emily McDonald. She has made this entire thing happen, from introduction to the boss man, for the recommendation, the encouragement, the support and help, the friends, and the experiences I give thanks. Check out her site 

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